Privileges Choosing to Study in Japan

Japan is a destination country for students to continue their education. So, what makes Japan one of the choice of foreign education? You can find another answer on sterling house trust.

There are at least four features of studying in Japan. First, Japan has a high standard of education and a good research environment. Second, Japan has cultural and natural wealth that can be the experience of students. Third, there are many scholarship systems with an average of 60 thousand yen per month, and the last is a lot of part-time jobs with salaries reaching 28 thousand yen per month.

Aware of the enormous educational potential, the Japanese government is making efforts to continue to increase the number of foreign students. Some of their efforts are promoting studies in Japan with educational exhibitions, simplifying study arrangements such as entrance examinations and improving the immigration process, then expanding the English language program to become a global university, then improving infrastructure, and providing support after graduation.