Some of these things become funny actions for many people in the cinema

Today, many people prefer to watch movies in theaters for several reasons. Especially when they are in need of entertainment, the cinema becomes a temporary entertainment for them. however, when you plan to watch a movie in a cinema, then you must have a ticket. You can have it by checking it at AMC ticket prices.

But apparently, there are some funny habits that are usually done by many people in the theater. In fact, the more time goes by, these habits are increasingly being carried out by many people. Some of the habits in question are

– Share it on social media
Many people today have social media. For them, sharing all their activities on social media is normal and is normal if done. They will share what movies they watch and even with whom they watch. This is one way to always be recognized in the eyes of many people.

– Bring food from outside
Usually, the theater will forbid everyone to bring food from outside. However, there are still many people who break it and still carry food from outside. Even though security from security is very tight, some people can still bring their food from outside the theater. In fact, that way, you do not obey their rules.

– Ask about the plot of the film
If you watch the film with your friends or relatives, there must be some of them who always ask about the plot of the film. this is an activity that is always done and often disturbs people around you. Because your voice will be heard by them.

– Too often go to the toilet
Many people always go to the toilet when the movie is playing. This will disturb many people because they will not focus on the movie that is running. As much as possible, go to the toilet when the movie hasn’t started yet.