The Rules of Golf Tournament

So, what do you expect from the golf course you are hiring? Have you tried to visit There are so many things to know before playing the golf, right? What did you know about how to join the tournament of golf? Even if you are not bound by official rules and procedures, if you want to participate in a golf tournament, you should comply with ethics or some kind of unwritten rule. It aims to smooth the course of the tournament without having to follow a complex system and official procedures but also remain organized, unlike inter-village football competitions. Here are the Ethics to Look For When You Play in a Golf Tournament:

Put forward a sense of friendship, honesty, and health
Come on time so it doesn’t slow down the other participants’ tee-offs
Play quickly from one hole to another
Joking relaxed when traveling to the ball, but keeping calm when hitting
Take responsibility for each score card
Maintain honesty/fairness with
Don’t gamble