Recognize Women’s Character Of The Types Of Bags They Use

For women, the bag is one of the complementary appearances that must-have. Many women have many bags to suit their needs. Not infrequently, they will choose a ladies briefcase that suits them and will support their appearance wherever they are. Usually, ladies briefcase will also choose bags according to their personality and style each day.

However, do you realize that the bag you have can reflect your character? it is true, the bag you choose will reflect your character as a whole. There are several types of bags that match the character of its users.

– Sling bag
Characters of people who love this bag is a person who likes to have fun and surely they are a fun person. Although the shape is slightly compact, this bag is larger than the clutch model so it can contain more important objects. Through its ready to go form, this bag seems to say that you are always ready to gain new excitement.

– Tote bag
If you like the model of a bag with a large size, then you would love to put a variety of goods to it. Especially important and obligatory goods to carry. You have a tendency to stay organized, so they feel afraid to miss the stuff you usually carry. The users of this bag are those who still want to look stylish without removing the function of the bag, and like everything that is practical.

– Duffle bag
This type of bag reflects that you are an energetic and busy person. Bags of this size have attracted the hearts of women who like to go on sale and go places. Although this type of bag looks low maintenance, the wearer has a high classic taste and often into the