SEO Will Not Run Maximum With Some Basic Mistakes on the Website

For many people, SEO is very helpful in marketing their products or services. Because SEO does work to increase traffic on a website. If you need SEO, then one that you can trust is seo in nyc. With the right SEO techniques, you can get maximum results too.


For me to get a lot of visitors and so that your SEO can run well, it must be done by a special team that is already an expert in the field. but there are still many websites that don’t pay attention to basic things in SEO, causing some of these mistakes.

1. Loading on the website is too slow
Not only users who hate websites that are slow to open, but also with Google. If you feel that your website has been opened for a long time, then immediately handle it, because if so, your SEO score might fall down from your other competitors. Some of the factors that make a website slow to open are the poor quality of the hosting party that you use, or your website is filled with large images or widgets from third party websites.

2. Location of the blog
There are several websites that are online and company profile stores and then provide a special page for their blog, this is a plus in SEO. But where the location of the blog is something that needs to be considered. Many people who prefer to use sub-blogs instead of being on the main blog. In fact, by using a sub-blog, then you must have twice as many backlinks.

3. URL that is too long
Making sure the length of the URL on each page is not more than 74 characters is something that must be done on SEO. Especially if you use a CMS like Open Cart which is not Google Friendly, it also has URLs that are too long. And the length of the URL in question is including HTTP characters, dots, connecting lines, and other characters.