Take a look at a SEO provider website’s visualization

Many people say “don’t judge someone from the outside”, yup! For many cases, the wise words can apply. However, if we talk about a service from the SEO company, consultor seo, or even individual SEO service, then surely he must be able to present his services well. Professional website display is certainly not enough to be the basis of our assessment, pay attention to the structure of the website (using HTML, H1, H2, meta tags, etc.).

Also, note whether the website of the SEO service provider is easily accessible or not. If the website is difficult to access, often down, or the loading is very heavy, of course, you need to ask questions. People who understand SEO certainly understand that loading heavy websites will affect SEO. How can SEO service providers be able to provide good quality services to customers if the site itself is difficult to access?

Remember to make sure you check out the way they present their websites to their customers and judge the quality of their web design carefully. This will give you a hint whether that’s the good SEO company for you to hire or not.