Do You Need Retreat?

Reading this article can give you more info about retreat even more if you know nothing about it before. Did you visit Retreat deliberate actions done to get out of our busy and routine so that we have time to remain silent in the presence of God and listen to what he said in the busyness and routine. Because busyness and routine drown us. So that we know our existence and our focus so that we can do what is our duty. I hope that our ministers know why we exist. If you do not know, it means dangerous. Likewise, the assembly should know. This year there will be a change of assemblies. The Assembly must know the trust in this ministry. Young people and teenagers should know why to be in this place.

Many people believe that the retreat can give them something new and different. You can even get rid of the bad experience in the past. Not only that, you will get ready for a new life with better thoughts and feeling. Just ensure that your future will be bright without any effect of the past experience.