Why You Should Go Umrah With Loved Family

Besides pilgrimage, almost all Muslims in the world would want to be able to go to Umrah. Departing to the holy land and then visiting God’s house is something extraordinary. A very valuable experience that cannot be said in words. Moreover, you can do the Umrah in any month. You can give your loved parents a surprise by choosing the service on www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages and ask them for going Umrah with you.

The first benefit that you and your family can feel during the Umrah is an increase in religious insight. This knowledge is no longer a theory, but you and your family practice it directly. And of course, the knowledge that is practiced inshallah is more pervasive in heart than in theory. You and your family slowly begin to understand the Umrah rituals. Starting from wearing ihram cloths from the miqat, Tawaf circling the Kaaba, Sai from Safa to Marwah went back and forth seven times, and Tahallul (shaved hair). Also included are restrictions during doing ihram and wisdom behind the Umrah procession.