The leakage and the cold loss in the system of your AC

To check it, check the part of the inlet and out pipe napple, whether or not there is an embossing section. Touch the napple section (in or out pipe) using the hand, feels cold, or not. If it feels cold, it means indicating the presence of a refrigerant coming out of the system. if the in and out pipe napple doesn’t feel cold, while the compressor and fan keep working, it means there is a leak. Check the entire section of the pipe in the outdoor or indoor section. Immediately repair system leaks by welding. Apart from that, you may go to to get one of the best repair services for air conditioners.

AC operates Normal, but Less Cold. Cases like this are often caused by several things as follows.

Reduced Refrigerant Pressure. To check it, do the following steps.

Check electric current and refrigerant pressure using ampere pliers, whether the electric current in the compressor and the refrigerant pressure of the system are in accordance with the specified standards or not. Usually, a standard electric current can be seen in the nameplate of the AC unit.

Or, do a system pressure check using the charging manifold, whether the pressure is appropriate or not.

Note: when charging a refrigerant, the AC unit must be in normal condition (no problem). In addition, the evaporator, filter, and condenser fins are clean, not clogged, bent, even leaked.